"Abraham Simpson, to pull a...," phrase: to claim that your character earned, built, and/or won some item (i.e. money, exosuit, whatever) fairly and/or through hard work, only to have the gamemaster remind you of the real reason.
Ex: "Yeah, I got all those clan mechs when my unit did a daring raid on a Jade Falcon world." "Yeah, right, you know you're pulling an Abraham Simpson, don't ya? The real reason you got those mechs was due to a breach of contract."[GJ1]

Addendum: In an episode of The Simpsons (to be exact, it's the one where Homer and Marge are talking about Lisa's first word), Homer is talking to Grandpa Simpson (a.k.a. Abraham Simpson) about finding a place to live, and wants to know if he can move in with Grandpa. Grandpa tells Homer about how he built that house with his own sweat and blood, only to be reminded by Homer that the real reason Grandpa got the house was because he got on a crooked 50's game show, won it as a prize, and snitched on everybody. [JT2]