'diceless role-playing, diceless, n.,adj. describes any game, esp. an RPG, that does not use dice; examples include White Wolf's Mind's Eye Theatre and other LARPs; "diceless roleplaying" is sometimes syn. with "LARP." See Free-form Roleplaying. [EDE, suggested by EL]

Addendum: Can also be used as a pejorative term or insult directed toward another gamer. Ex. "You are sooo diceless" or "diceless wonder." See also "Your dice suck." [EDE]
Addendum #2: [Diceless Role-Playing] is an example of a diceless tabletop RPG. [MW]
Addendum #3: Diceless games are one of those few polarizing things in gaming. Many gamers feel that playing a game without dice is tantamount to blasphemy.