Pokémon, pn.(Engrish, "Pocket" + "Monsters") a Japanese marketing/gaming/entertainment phenomenon, centered on video games, collectible card games, and anime. [WTN]

Addendum: Gamers are most familiar with the CCG once produced by Wizards of the Coast, now by Nintendo itself. Most gamers hate Pokémon due to the screaming young kids invading the stores they frequent, but gaming store proprietors often have mixed feelings about it, because it accounts for such a high percentage of their revenue. [WTN]
Addendum #2: In the 1980s, the "gateway" series that introduced people to anime was Robotech. In the 90's, it was Pokémon. This is a terrifying thought. (Not that Pokémon is the worst anime series ever. That distinction belongs to Devil Man.) [EDE]