wargame, wargamer, wargaming, n., v. 1. in general usage, a simulated battle or campaign to test military concepts, usually conducted in conferences by officers acting as the opposing staffs; or, a two-sided umpired training maneuver with actual elements of the armed forces participating; term does not predate 1920s. 2. (gamerese) a genre of simulation gaming that involves recreating battle situations, often involving miniatures of personnel and weapons in a modeled diarama; wargamers may recreate historical battles, or simulate science fiction or fantasy battles. Examples include (historical) Avalon Hill's Advanced Squad Leader, War Times' Journal's Battlefleet, and Game Designer's Workshop's Command Decision; (fantasy & sci-fi) Games Workshop's Warhammer and Warhammer 40,000 and West End Games' Star Wars Miniatures Battles [GJ1]