White Wolf Games p.n. Atlanta-based company founded in 1991; publishes roleplaying games, original fiction, and reprints of classic science fiction, fantasy, and horror. [[1]]. [GJ1]

Addendum: White Wolf is best known for their World of Darkness role-playing games, esp. Vampire: The Masquerade and Werewolf: The Apocalypse. They are also the leaders in LARPS, producing Mind's Eye Theater materials for Vampire and Werewolf, amongst others. [GJ1]

Addendum 2: White Wolf was bought out and merged with CCP Games, an Icelandic game manufacturer that was largely famous for producing EVE Online.  The company continued producing role-playing games until it was announced at Gen Con 2012 that White Wolf was no longer going to produce role-playing games.  They sold Scion and Trinity to startup Onyx Path Publishing and also licensed them Exalted and the World of Darkness.  Many of the original creative staff moved over to Onyx Path as well.